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The online gaming industry is worth more than US$1 billion, and appears to be a likely candidate as one of the first industries to be meaningfully penetrated by blockchain technology. As such, there are a number of cryptocurrency projects and blockchain developments competing to be the first to see real adoption from the general gaming population. Egretia, an existing powerhouse in the gaming sphere, is poised to become that first pioneer with their unique blockchain HTML5 cross-platform approach.

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Egretia currently stands as the first complete workflow for HTML5 development. It’s 14 products encapsulated in the workflow are utilized by over 200,000 worldwide, whose content has been digested on more than one billion devices across the globe. In China, 75% of all HTML5 content is powered by Egretia.

Blockchain-HTML5 Synergy

The implications of a combination between blockchain and HTML5 are massive. HTML5 applications see large use do to the ease in which they can be enjoyed. Users do not need to install any HTML5 client or application. Instead, they can enjoy a seamless “click-and-go” experience that has allowed HTML5 developments to see massive adoption and virality across social media platforms.

Where blockchain gaming currently falters

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