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Bitcoin comes laden with a high degree of volatility, which basically means that as time progresses, more regulation will be introduced within the crypto domain. Due to the ever-changing prices of core alt-assets such as ETC and LTC, many people view such currencies as speculative investments. However, with the introduction of masternode investments, ordinary people can now minimize their overall financial risk while still receiving decent returns.

APIS can be thought of as a masternode mediation platform that enables a wide array of crypto enthusiasts to gain access to a two-tier incentivized network, also known as the Masternode Network.

As readers may know, the term “masternodes” refers to the nodes contained in a crypto network that fulfill a specific function beyond simply relaying transactions. The most striking feature of a masternode is its ability to help investors to acquire stable profits by virtue of simply locking up their holdings in the masternode for a fixed amount of time.

While this may sound like a lucrative proposition, it should be clearly understood that hosting a masternode is out of reach for the average investor since it requires a substantial amount of financial capital and technical prowess.

Overview of the platform

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