Read Source Article What Are Docademic and Medical Token Cryptocurrency?

It is estimated that the global healthcare market processes fiat transactions that range between $1–2 trillion on a day-to-day basis. The crypto sector is comparatively smaller, as its daily transaction volume stands at around $2 billion. While there are more than 55 countries across the globe that provide their citizens with universal healthcare, there are still more than 100 nations that don’t offer universal or free healthcare infrastructure to their people.

Docademic is an all-new globally-sourced healthcare service platform that is available to everyone. It makes use of a free-to-use human doctor-AI assisted video telemedicine service that has already been utilized in over 20 countries by thousands of users. It comes with an associated suite of AI-assisted tools as well as a social network that helps connect doctors and medical professionals with each another.

According to the whitepaper, the aim of Docademic is to provide customers across the globe with a certain level of free healthcare. This is achieved by integrating cutting-edge technology with conventional medical wisdom which is then brought to life by the power of the blockchain.

The native Docademic App has been constructed atop Docademic’s existing patient data routing system. It is assisted by a host of AI-enabled technologies that are simple in their design

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