Read Source Article TRON Founder Allegedly Completes Acquisition of BitTorrent

It would appear TRON founder Justin Sun has gotten his wish. A while ago, it became apparent Sun wanted to purchase the BitTorrent company. That deal has now been finalized, which paints an interesting future for the decentralized internet that Sun is trying to achieve.

The BitTorrent Sale Is a Done Deal

In a way, it is anything but surprising to see the BitTorrent-Justin Sun deal come to a close. While there were some non-believers who assumed this deal was fake, they have all been proven wrong. The interest by the TRON founder was more than genuine, and it seems both entities came to an agreement that works for everyone.

While it remains to be seen how Sun will modify this decentralized file-sharing technology to power his “decentralized internet”, the acquisition will undoubtedly introduce a lot of positive changes. It is evident there is a high degree of centralization associated with the internet that people use today, but that situation cannot be sustained for much longer.

Merging the TRON cryptocurrency with BitTorrent technology can yield some rather unexpected results. Whether or not they will be for better or worse remains to be determined. Considering that existing file-sharing projects exist

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