Trade Bitcoin For Art

Artist and longtime Bitcoin enthusiast, Steven Michaels, has come up with a unique way to acquire and exchange bitcoins. Typically the average bitcoin buyer has to go through the hassle of setting up an account with an exchange – often a lengthy and cumbersome process that involves trade limits and the loss of personal privacy.

As an alternative, Steven has created Art Of The Coin an art gallery and trading forum where people can buy and sell his original art for cash or bitcoins. As a bitcoin seller, you can buy his art with bitcoins and then re-sell it to a private collector in the Forum for cash. As a bitcoin buyer you can buy art with cash from a private collector in the Forum and sell it back to Steven or another private collector in exchange for bitcoins.

His in-house Owner Registry records ownership transfers and helps fight fraud from forgeries.

Art collectors are also rewarded with a $25 gift card for every $500 worth of art they own for each year that they own it. This creates a virtually riskless way to build a collection that can be sold back for bitcoins at anytime in the future.

When asked about his project Steven replied, “I wanted to introduce bitcoiners to my art and, at the same time, provide an alternative way to get in and out of bitcoins. makes it fun.”

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