Read Source Article Top 10 Ethereum DApps Worth Keeping an Eye On

The Ethereum ecosystem has seen a massive influx of new decentralized and distributed applications. As such, the DApp ecosystem has grown significantly. Although it is difficult to put together a top 10 list which most people will agree with, below are 10 live and accessible DApps which caught our attention.

10.  Decentralized Ether Mixer

While there will always be a debate as to whether or not mixers add value to cryptocurrency, the decentralized Ethereum Mixer can be valuable. It is a mixer smart contract designed to bring slightly more privacy to existing Ethereum wallets, yet without any central party involved. Until Ethereum gets its own set of privacy tools, this DApp may certainly appeal to some users.

9. CryptoCountries

Building a decentralized and distributed version of Monopoly will not be all that easy. CryptoCountries is an interactive game which lets anyone buy and own countries in the form of smart contracts. It is a bit of a silly concept to most people, but it shows how smart contract technology can be used in a completely different manner.

8. Axie Infinity

If there is one thing CryptoKitties has shown the world, it is that blockchain-based collectibles seem to work just

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