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Tokenget – the turnkey ICO platform has managed to launch 40 ICOs and has big news for the next 10 ICOs. After reaching an important milestone, we are pleased to announce that the next ten Initial Coin Offerings would be able to launch at huge discount.  

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40 ICOs & huge discount for the next 10

Launching and maintaining 40 ICO has not been an easy task to manage, so we think this is a great milestone to celebrate.  

This month Tokenget – the Turnkey ICO platform celebrates launching 40 ICOs with its solution. We have helped 40 companies get funding to disrupt industries like travel, banks, hotels, fintech, insurance and many more. Tokenget has evolved to become the most advanced platform on the market or as some Dean McClelland from TontineTrust says: “You have the Maybach of the platforms”. Launching 40 ICOs has thought us how to tweak our platform, so ICO owners can get 25% better results than other ICOs.

In May, Tokenget is willing to celebrate this special moment by offering to launch the next 10 ICOs with heavy discount. Tokenget has created a pleasing to the eye platform

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