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The past few days have been riddled with pretty disheartening price movements, as global cryptocurrency markets have declined by 20% since last week. However, these movements are not indicative of the growing progress in the space. If your attention hasn’t been totally consumed by the markets, you likely have heard of one of the newest experimental developments,

Inspired by Reddit’s April Fool’s Day /r/place and the infamous Million Dollar Homepage, represents a global canvas of 1 million pixels accessible to all. On Satoshi’s Place, users are able to interact with the display, changing any number of pixels to whichever color they prefer. Each pixel costs 1 satoshi to paint, and pixels can be painted over indefinitely. Payments are processed on Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, and there is no limit on the frequency of additions to the painting.

Like other projects from which it derived inspiration, Satoshi’s Place has fostered a certain charm and motley community that have taken a fascination to the experiment. Characterized by lighthearted fun and playful banter, Satoshi’s Place is reminiscent of the welcoming subcommunities that defined cryptocurrency in its formative years, a warm environment that, amid this extended bear trend, could not have come about at

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