Read Source Article Russian Government Website Was Affected by a Malicious Cryptocurrency Mining Script

There have been a lot of incidents involving cryptocurrency mining. This has become especially apparent where malicious mining scripts on various websites are concerned. It seems one official website in Russia has fallen victim to a malicious mining attack which ran for ten full days.

Another Cryptocurrency Mining Incident

It is neither the first nor the last time there has been an incident involving cryptocurrency mining scripts. Such incidents have taken place all over the world in the past few months. Criminals have successfully injected cryptocurrency mining code into popular websites, making any high-profile website a target for cybercriminals in this day and age.

One of the most recent attacks involving cryptocurrency mining involved the website of the Khabarovsk region administration. The site was successfully infected with a malicious cryptocurrency miner, which was only discovered after nearly ten full days of operation. An investigation was launched after several complaints were received from users who claimed the administration’s website had been slow and had caused their computers to perform erratically.

Although a lot of the details regarding this malicious cryptocurrency miner have yet to be uncovered at this stage, this does show that criminals are getting a lot

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