Roger Ver Resorts to Building Country Out of Lego

Earlier this year, the controversial and infamous Roger Ver announced plans to create his own libertarian country. Better known as the Judas of Bitcoin for his role in creating Bitcoin Cash, a hardfork of Bitcoin core which has divided the community and created mass confusion amongst new crypto investors, Ver’s vision was to create a free society where people voluntarily abide by a set of rules they sign off on when purchasing a land title.

“The only law I envisage in our free society will be the requirement for all new borns to have the initials BCH in their birth name” he said. “Maybe even a little tattoo of my face on their butts however, we are still thrashing out the finer details” he added.

Initially Ver was confident that he would be able to acquire enough land from a needy government with funds raised by himself and long time cohort and self proclaimed Nazi Olivier Janssens.

Ver commented “We have approached a number of different governments already, and we have actually been really surprised at how eager they are. Governments love money, and so, we will have to negotiate the final details.”

However, in a twist of fate the pair have discovered that governments actually prefer power and oppression over money and were forced to explore new avenues of acquiring land. After unsuccessfully obtaining any land Ver and Janssens shifted their strategy and set out to hardfork Micronesia, a subregion of Oceania in the western Pacific Ocean. With the assistance of Rick Falkvinge who is an actual pirate, the threesome sailed into the region in the dark of night with a parrot, shovels and a Bitcoin Cash flag. Suffice to say, the hardfork failed after Falkvinge’s wooden leg got stuck in a buoy they were anchored on forcing Ver and Janssens to abandon the mission and regroup.

After forming the ‘Bcash Brains Trust for Libertarians’ a new plan was devised and a whitepaper was released which outlines a roadmap for the country to now be built using Lego. “Sure, earth would of been nice but, we soon realized that we can do so much more with Lego plus Oliver and I already had buckets of Lego sitting in the basement so, it was a no brainer really” Ver explained.

At the time of recording this interview Ver was busy building gas stations, a diner and a Bitmain factory. “Jihan is going to love this” Ver exclaimed! And with construction due for completion after Lego Block 21,000000 is pressed in place Ver assured us that his country will be the real country and all other countries should be regarded as cheap imitations that have not followed the creator’s vision.

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