Read Source Article OKEx Weekly Blockchain Industry Report #8: ICOs, Regulation, and Market Changes

Weekly reports regarding developments in the world of cryptocurrency is always worth one’s while. In the case of OKEx’s new report, their blockchain industry report for the past week highlights a lot of interesting topics. With the falling Bitcoin prices, one would expect a lot of negativity to ensure. That is not necessarily the case, though.

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Positive Growth for Tokens

One has to acknowledge the cryptocurrency markets have not evolved in a positive direction between June 2nd and June 8th. While there was some positive momentum, the top currencies did not show much momentum. Even so, the OKEx report shows tokens such as AirToken, swarm and XTD Coin all gained over 100% in value during that week. In fact, all of the strongest gainers in the top 10 raised their overall value by 65% or more, which is rather impressive.

Another thing worth pointing out is how the market cap of the top 200 projects increased by 3.56% during that particular week. Exchange platform tokens and advertising verticals are definitely leading the charge in this regard, even though it seems the tokens and coins focusing on vertical industrial application are not seeing much

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