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It’s probably been a while since you pulled out a wad of cash to purchase an iPhone or an Apple Watch. The transition to a cashless society has been in motion for some time now – in developed countries, at least. But if your go-to payment method is pulling out the plastic, well, that’s on its way out as well.

Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) are on the rise around the world. That basically covers any means of payment that differs from the traditional credit card schemes. E-wallets, bank transfers, mobile payment apps… they’re all growing in popularity and are set to take over credit card payments globally sometime next year.

But while cryptocurrency is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of alternative payments, remember that most of us are still busily HODLing our stashes. Moreover, in the US, only around 8 percent of the population is actively invested in cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin as a method of payment has long lost its efficacy, with its fluctuating value and volatility making it almost impossible to buy everyday goods with. So, cryptocurrency isn’t taking on any of the major credit cards or APMs right now. But, in the not-so-distant

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