Read Source Article NEO Price Heads South to $61 as Markets Sour yet Again

Even though yesterday seemed to be a pretty positive day for most cryptocurrencies, today is completely different. More specifically, all currencies are in the red right now, with the NEO price dropped almost below $60 in the process. It is evident things will continue to remain volatile for quite some to come, but there will be a positive trend at some point later this year. For now, users will have to contend with the ups and downs as they come.

The NEO Price Drops by 10%

As is usually the case when the cryptocurrency markets go in the red, things can get troublesome fairly quickly. With Bitcoin losing nearly 6% of its value in the past 24 hours, it is only normal most altcoins will lose even more value in the process. When looking at the NEO price, it is evident the loss materializes in the form of a 10.21% decrease, which is on par with most altcoins on the market right now.

For the NEO price, this most recent decline pushes the value down to $61.21. It is not the value most NEO holders would like to see at this point in time, even though there is very

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