Read Source Article Monopoly: New Step in Venture Investments

Over the last year and a half the ICO scene has truly boomed, with all sorts of projects popping up here and there. In the last several months projects that seek to reform the ICO sector as a whole have attracted special interest. is, undoubtedly, one of such projects. It is a decentralized platform for financing and developing various projects. If you are an investor, there you will find support and will be able to view and evaluate interesting and promising projects. If you are a start-upper, you will gain access to an audience and finances!

Why is the platform decentralized? The reason for this is that it makes the project as transparent as possible. All data regarding transactions and deals is stored in a specialized ledger that is accessible to all users of the system. Therefore, a model of collective investment gets a brand new realization. Among undeniable benefits of the model the following stand out the most:

            Full protection of finances both during the investment process as well as in the project’s use of proceeds.
            The sophisticated process of approval that allows the system to pick the most promising and beneficial

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