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One of the best aspects of cryptocurrency is that it is incredibly divisible and almost wholly permissionless (though exchanges can require things like KYC/AML which may deny some access to the under- and unbanked). This means that crypto is generally more accessible to many more people than the legacy financial system. Users are not limited to buying whole shares, or round sum shares (100 shares, for instance) of an asset.

So, someone does not need to be wealthy or well-off to participate in the ecosystem, and they may be able to interface with it in a more meaningful way than legacy finance would allow them. This is a huge development in financial agency for all.

But let’s say you’re struggling a little bit with the day-to-day, and can’t even think of how to begin buying into cryptocurrency. What are some ways to start?

Well, I really began getting into cryptocurrency in 2013-2014, when I was working a poorly-paying job and had more student loans to pay. Then I moved to one of the most expensive cities in the world while earning my master’s degree. I thought I would share some of the ways I still found cash to

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