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After a successful Pre-ICO where we achieved the goal of reaching our soft cap, all our DIW team’s hard work so far, has been leading up to our current ICO. The developers are working hard to design the prototype which will be released during the 2nd quarter of 2018 and the management team are doing their utmost to ensure the best exchanges for the DIW token to be listed on after the ICO. We are currently in phase 2 of our highly anticipated ICO and we are offering a 19% bonus, in relation to the last ICO Phase, available only until the 17th of May 12:00 GMT after which the phase, along with the prices, will change.

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What led to the conception of the DIW platform were the many issues plaguing our modern world:

 Advancing data breaches with unimaginable consequences both on and offline.

– Not being able to utilise Crypto currency.

– Growing Online Fraud. Every year, an increasing number of people and businesses are being scammed, left with substandard products, services or, even worse, nothing at all.

DIW plans to bridge and solve all aforementioned issues with the introduction of its global, blockchain based, decentralized network, complete with

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