Read Source Article Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Falls to $8,500

At press time, bitcoin is trading for just over $8,500. This is a near $300 drop from yesterday’s price of $8,800, and the recovery many of us likely believed to be right around the corner is again sinking into hiding for the time being.

The price did manage to rebound a bit following Monday’s start of the Coindesk Consensus Conference in New York. After falling roughly to $8,400 from the $9,000 price range last week, bitcoin ultimately rose to $8,800 as organizers were selling tickets for as high as $3,000 to last-minute attendees, though most could be garnered for an even $2,000.

Lines were out the door, and many visitors reported waiting well over an hour to gain entry. It was clear that despite ongoing volatility, investor interest in cryptocurrencies wasn’t waning anytime soon.

As the Conference enters its second day, it appears some of the hype has allegedly died down. It’s unclear if this is a lasting effect or if the bitcoin price is only down in the short-term, but again, we are entering an unclear space where everyone seems to be on opposite sides of the spectrum.

Matthew Cochrane of The Motley Fool, for example, suggests that

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