Read Source Article Bitcoin Price Rises Slowly as $8,500 Becomes the new Target

Although all of the top cryptocurrencies are still in the red as of right now, it seems the momentum is slowly turning in favor of these coins once again. Do not be mistaken in thinking there will be any major upward momentum for all of these coins in the coming hours, though. Right now, the Bitcoin price is starting to recover a bit, as reaching $8,500 again is the first order of business right now.

Bitcoin Price Recovery has to Start Somewhere

This past week has not been all too great for most cryptocurrencies. Especially the Bitcoin price has gone through another rough patch. Over the past 24 hours, the Bitcoin price dropped from $8,750 all the way to $8,179. It is a pretty big drop, considering how things could have easily gone the other way as well. Unfortunately, it seems manipulators and market makers do not want any positive cryptocurrency momentum to materialize at this time.

With this week’s dip in the books, it now seems the Bitcoin price is clawing its way out of this hole again. Over the past few hours, the value has risen to $8,435 again, which is a positive start. While it is

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