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In a world that develops faster than ever and becomes more globalized and individualized by the day, it’s a challenge for manufacturers to keep up. Today’s consumers want something more, something unique and tailored just for them. But for manufacturers, this is too costly to provide. To meet the new demand, ARXUM, a company run by experienced German engineers, provides a solution based on blockchain technology. ARXUM’s Connection Box interconnects production machines in manufacturing facilities and even across factories, countries and continents. When connected to the ARXUM Connection Box, the machines can communicate on the ARXUM Production Network, downloading information like process orders directly from the blockchain. All information sent on the network is kept safe by ARXUM’s Production Protocol. The technology that ARXUM has developed saves time and radically lowers manufacturing costs. New business opportunities arise, as everyone have access to the network and can exchange information and services. Manufacturers can even provide consumers with personalized products – at the cost of mass production.

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According to an article by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), companies will spend an incremental €250 billion on IoT in 2020 (over and above their normal technology spending). The

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