Read Source Article Are You Ready? The Qurrex ICO Public Sale Will Begin in June

The Qurrex ICO public token sale is due to begin next month. This is exciting news for cryptocurrency  enthusiasts  who have been waiting for more than two months after the initial ICO was postponed in February 2018.

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The unprecedented demand from the initial pre-token sale in February generated considerable interest from a wealth of investment funds. This caused Qurrex to re-think the launch date of their ICO public sale.

With the month of June around the corner, Qurrex is ready to launch what is already one of the most exciting and eagerly-awaited public sales in the cryptocurrency market of recent years.

Despite the interest of investment funds, which was detected at the pre-sale stage, potentially reducing the number of Qurrex tokens (QRX) available when the ICO public sale is launched later this month, this hasn’t dampened investor enthusiasm in any way. Indeed, many have been counting down the days until the ICO public sale begins.

To ensure an efficient public sale, Qurrex opened a whitelist registration where cryptocurrency investors were able to register their interest in purchasing tokens and receive notifications of important dates in the run-up to the ICO launch.

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