Read Source Article №1: Streamity team announced StreamDesk service launch dates and explained its future plans

There is little time left until the launch of Streamity project’s main service. In the run-up to this event Streamity team presented its alpha-version, which is accessible for testing to those people who want to check out service functionalities.

StreamDesk is a decentralized platform for cryptocurrency exchange, which is based on the smart-contract architecture and the API of payment systems. What does it mean to a user?

First of all, the service is very easy to use.  Everything you have to do is to enter your blockchain wallet address into the system only once and then the process becomes simple and automated. There is no need to visit a third-party service in order to transfer cryptocurrency or check your balance, or to work with full functionalities within the platform. Meanwhile the cryptocurrency is never stored within StreamDesk system, which makes security impenetrable in comparison to centralized services. The same thing concerns fiat money. The whole process is automated and completely decentralized.

Transaction guarantee. While the cryptocurrency is locked in a smart-contract until the fiat money is transferred in a certain period of time, there is no way to gain access to the smart-contract, the only way to unlock it is

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